Listen and Obey

February 25, 2024

James reminds us that following Jesus is about listening to God’s word and obeying what He says. Scripture: James 1:19–25

Other Sermon Teachings


Suffering and the Goodness of God

Jamin Roller
February 11, 2024
James writes to a persecuted people to help them be refined in their suffering. We can name the wisdom he shared like this: Suffering is not meaningless. God is not evil; He is good. Suffering won’t last forever. Scripture: James...

Fading Pursuits

Mike Im
February 4, 2024
James 1:5-11 challenges the rich and the poor to see their relationship with money as one of the greatest tests of faith.

Ask in Faith

Jamin Roller
January 28, 2024
James 1:5-8 tells us we need wisdom, that God gives wisdom and when we ask in faith, He generously gives the wisdom we need.