Christ-like Leaders

May 14, 2023

Paul instructs Titus to appoint Christ-like leaders who are faithful at home, faithful when only God is watching, and faithful to the truth. Scripture: Titus 1:5–16

Other Sermon Teachings


Beholding and Becoming

Jamin Roller
May 7, 2023
What holds our attention, affection and adoration is inevitably what the fruit of our lives begin to look like. In many ways, we become what we value most. So how do we look more like Christ? In our first week...

Wisdom & Wonder (Finale)

Jamin Roller
April 30, 2023
In our final sermon of the Wisdom & Wonder series, we conclude by looking back on what we have learned from the wisdom of God’s word.

Wisdom & Disciplines

Mason King
April 23, 2023
For the believer, God’s wisdom is life to those who find them. Disciplines help point us to the fact that wisdom is not just a way of being, but it is a person, Jesus Christ. Our hope is not in...