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Communications Director

The Communications Director serves on the Citizens Church executive team to help us tell others about what Jesus is doing in and through our church as we carry out the mission to Enjoy God, Love People, and Make Disciples. As the leader of the communications team, the director will develop, equip, and guide the organization to expand the impact of ministry both inside and outside the church. A strong partnership with ministry leaders will help them plan and execute strategies for effective ways to connect with their intended audiences. Additionally, the Communications Director will integrate creative arts into the life of the church and maintain a cohesive look and feel that honors the excellence and beauty of God.

Job Responsibilities

Strategy and Planning
  • Leads the Executive Team and organization in creating, implementing, and measuring strategic, high quality, and high impact communications
  • Inspires and oversees the Communications Team, including staff, partners, and volunteers to execute creative and effective communications
  • Partners with church and ministry leaders to create and execute effective communication plans
  • Strategizes and executes across all communication media (website, social media, print, email, video, digital, stage design, foyer display, signs, etc.)
  • Creates and manages the Communications Budget
Creative Direction
  • Cultivates and champions the power of creative arts into Citizens Church
  • Maintains a cohesive look and feel that honors the excellence and beauty of God
  • >Writes copy for the dissemination of information (e.g. newsletter)
  • Provides direction for compelling content creation and creative design
  • Develops the creative talents and skills of the communications team
  • Fosters cross-communications between all church audiences (e.g. members, elders, visitors, community)
People Development
  • Displays a Christ-like love for people
  • Engages, trains, and disciples staff and volunteers through regular trainings, team building events, 1:1 meetings, and regular edifying points of contact
  • Evaluates progress of and performance of staff and volunteers
  • Prepares for, leads, and attends weekly communication team meetings
  • Oversees project management tracking and communication
  • Ensures tasks, communications, and events are well organized, clear and consistent
  • Creates and maintains the Communications budget
  • Excels at personal communication and time management
  • Sets and maintains policies, goals and objectives

Qualifications and Requirements

  • Bachelor’s Degree - preferred in Journalism, Communications, Marketing, or PR
  • Experience in leading and managing teams - preferred 3-5 years
  • Basic to advanced experience in Adobe Creative Suite
  • Copywriting experience preferred
  • Project management experience
  • Able to make decisions, problem solve, manage conflict and work well within an organization
  • Self-starter, learner, flexible, humble, and adaptable
  • Able to organize leaders and volunteers
  • Proficient in administrative systems (e.g. Google Drive, etc.)

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